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Written by Éric Sanvoisin.
14 × 19 cm, 230 pages, softcover.
Collection: Staying Alive
Public aimed: 10+
Genre: Novel
Rights available: WORLDWIDE

Because of his love for his grandmother, Leo becomes an outlaw…

Leo loves his grandmother, Granny Mo. So, when his parents decide to put her in a retirement home, he gets angry. He does not accept that she is imprisoned in a “Hideous Institution for Demented Adults”! Of course, his mom and dad do not listen to him… Every day, Leo visits Granny Mo to cheer her up by reading her the adventures of Bilbo the Hobbit. But this is not enough. His grandmother is getting more and more depressed. Leo is afraid of losing her. He has to do something!

Staying Alive is a collection of novels and short stories that portrays our modern world. The books within are addressing ecological, social and ethical issues towards pre-teens to young adults.

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