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Written by Laurence Mélin-Lecoq.
14 × 19 cm, 86 pages, softcover.
Collection: Staying Alive
Public aimed: 14+
Genre: Novel
Rights available: WORLDWIDE

The hard living of a fourteen-year-old prostitute.

Jasmina is a fourteen-year-old Nigerian girl. In exchange for money, her father agrees to entrust her to two strangers who promise to give her a job and a happy life. Reality lies elsewhere. Jasmina has to comply with their demands and is forced to sell her body. Only the friendship of her fellows of misery – Saïda, Fatima and Karim – helps her in this horrible world. But when Jasmina gets pregnant, her two jailers become strangely caring.

Is this child the key to escape from hell? That is what Jasmina hopes…

Staying Alive is a collection of novels and short stories that portrays our modern world. The books within are addressing ecological, social and ethical issues towards pre-teens to young adults.

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